Today, we know much more about what happens to people when they die—and what we are learning does not support materialism

The Scientific Research on Near-Death Experiences


Dr. Sam Parnia explains the clinical definition of death and what new scientific observations have found in people who have clinically died and been successfully revived.

What happens when we die?

Researchers say there’s evidence that consciousness continues after clinical death. Sam Parnia discusses with CBS News what happens during clinical death.

“Researchers at NYU’s Langone Medical Center have conducted a study of patients who have experienced near-death experiences, and the results are intriguing and chilling. Dr. Sam Parnia, the director of resuscitation research at NYU Langone, joins CBSN to discuss the findings of this mind bending study.”

See what other doctors have themselves experienced during physical death.

Dallas Police Officer Leaves His Body

Sr. Cpl. Ed Lujan leaves his body after being run over by an SUV three times.

“I could hear people yelling and screaming,”
“I could hear ambulances and I knew they were coming for me.”
“The initial hit slammed my head against the windshield peeling my scalp all the way back from my right side,”
“I felt the euphoria of my life and soul leaving my body,”
“So it wasn’t a feeling of sadness or joy. It was more like tranquility. So I knew what was going on. I’m dying.”
“He’s [his Dad who passed away 8 yrs before] looking down at me and he says, ‘Son, get up,'”
“And I said, ‘Dad, I can’t get up.’ And then I will never forget this, he puts his hands on his knees and he bends down towards me and he’s looking down at my eye and he says, ‘Son, you have to get up because you have a family that loves you and needs you.'”
“God stood right next to my dad and I knew at that moment he was in heaven,”
“I took a deep breath there and I felt my life and soul re-enter my body and I remember waking up in the arms of the fire fighters on the way to Parkland.”
“And I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to die in an ambulance. It’s like I am dying and there is nothing I can do,'” he said.
“I said, ‘Father [to a hospital priest later in the hospital], the last thing I want to do before I pass away is I want to forgive the person who did this to me,'”
“It’s made me a better person, a better human being because I know how short life can be,”
“I don’t remember feeling any pain and I tell people all the time if God is that good then he is not going to let you feel any suffering at that moment of death,”