To the astonishment of many medical professionals, persons who are able to travel beyond death without their physical body and come back to tell about it are said to have had a near death experience. Professional communities worldwide are increasingly interested in the global phenomenon called near death experiences.

Near Death Experiences are now prevalent due to the advance of cardio pulmonary resuscitation medicine and free broadcasting services like YouTube. There is an unavoidable mounting body of evidence that people across the globe are having these experiences, and that their personal testimonies are authentic.

Patients undergoing cardiac arrest now have access to brain cooling techniques which help preserve the body. Another factor is the invention and accessibility to the defibrillator which helps bring failing hearts back from being clinically dead.

These death experiences are no longer dismissed as hallucinations by medical professionals who have investigated the facts, and are seen by some researchers as the key to solving the hard problem of consciousness, the presence of information in biological forms, the origin of life and of the universe. The society that unlocks the nature of consciousness and aligns its technology with these new findings, will far surpass any other society on earth.

There are numerous practical applications that can be drawn from understanding consciousness including patient wellness (loving light), human transportation (teleportation), education (knowledge transfer) and military (telekinesis), among many others.

The growing body of reliable evidence includes the testimony of physicians, doctors, anesthesiologists who themselves had a near death experience. Keep in mind that these doctors are richly compensated in their respective professions and are unlikely to jeopardize their careers by reporting anything other than what really happened to them.  Just as doctors have no reason to doubt their patients’ ailment or suffering, likewise doctors have no reason to doubt their patients are reporting real experiences.