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The Scientific Research on Near-Death Experiences

http://www.doctoroz.com/episode/medical-mystery-heaven-real-doctors-who-say-they-ve-been-there?video_id=5716849591001 Dr. Sam Parnia explains the clinical definition of death and what new scientific observations have found in people who have clinically died and been successfully revived.

What happens when we die?

Researchers say there’s evidence that consciousness continues after clinical death. Sam Parnia discusses with CBS News what happens during clinical death. “Researchers at NYU’s Langone Medical Center have conducted a study of patients who have experienced near-death experiences, and the results are intriguing and chilling. Dr. Sam Parnia, the director of resuscitation research at NYU […]

Dallas Police Officer Leaves His Body

Sr. Cpl. Ed Lujan leaves his body after being run over by an SUV three times. “I could hear people yelling and screaming,” “I could hear ambulances and I knew they were coming for me.” “The initial hit slammed my head against the windshield peeling my scalp all the way back from my right side,” […]